A Week of Life



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A Week of Life

I was born on Sunday
Life shined its light and smiled
I went to school on Monday
To learn not to be a child.

On Tuesday I started working
Found out what Life means
And the River of music
It flowed through my dreams

Wednesday was amazing, I fell in love with you
We were married by Thursday and our children came too.
I was getting older by Friday, I was wiser with means
And the River of music still flowed through my dreams

On Saturday came my grandsons and a granddaughter too.
On Sunday I would die but I will always love you
And the River of music still flowed through my dreams
A Symphony of living, the laughs and the screams

If my life was a week in time
That lasted seven days
I would still be so thankful
In all so many ways

Thankful for the music I shared with all of you
The love and adventures we all had lived through
A week of life, of learning, knowing what love means
The family the friends, the visions and the scenes.

I won’t shed a tear.
No I’ll smile as I die
Because a week of life’s just a wonderful gift
That too soon passes by

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